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Dirty Computer...

...is a one-shot TRPG that shares its title with its inspiration: Janelle Monae's 2018 album and emotion picture.

Players will tell a story of love, memory, loss and hope as they play out queer robot characters striving to hold on to, recover, or save their relationships with each other. Together, you will rage, love, and finally triumph against those who seek to suppress you.

The Android...

is a robot filled with hope and passion, who has been abducted by the mysterious House of the New Dawn. They are about to undergo a Treatment that will strip them of their memories and freedom. 

The Torch...

is a robot who has already been lost, and now works for the New Dawn. They struggle with memories they don't understand of a love they should not have had. 

The Insurgent...

is a robot whose rage persists in strength, who will fight to find their loved ones and free them once and for all.

The House of the New Dawn...

is an organisation, both secretive and pervasive, where the droids who feel and sing and sin are taken to be "cleaned".

The game captures moments of realisation and loss as, at once, the characters remember and forget one another and strive for their freedom against oppression. Recommended for 2-3 players, DIRTY COMPUTER is played using prompts that correspond with a deck of normal playing cards.

You'll get a full 29 page PDF of the game, plus smaller PDFs that just contain the sets and the basic rules, along with illustrations!

If you'd like to check out the text of the game before buying it, or if you can't afford the game but would like to play it, please contact me on twitter @Frizzoid, or email me at raycarterillustration@gmail.com.

The Android and The Spindle...

is a new supplement for the Dirty Computer game, which uses Spindlewheel cards to tell the story with a different flavour! Andoid Spindle is free to download. You can find out more about Spindlewheel at @Teacabbage on twitter!


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Incredible art, layout, and mechanical design!