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We love the moon. She's beautiful and perfect and she has done so much for us. She's lit up our nights, she moves our tides, she affects our orbit (as we affect hers), and she's provided lore and myth for thousands of years. We would like to show our appreciation with a kiss. But we must first ask the moon. She may say yes. She may say no. She may ask you to do something else first, or instead of.

This is unequivocally a game about consent and introspection. There are guidelines for playing alone or with friends: with friends, there are guidelines for answering as the moon; alone, there is a very simple dice mechanic for how the moon may respond.

This game is poetry. It is beautiful and magical and simultaneously abstract and literal.

We love this game and we are going to tell all of our friends about her.


Thank so much for this! 

I liked reading this so much that it motivated me to finish something I'd been working on. I'm so glad you liked the game!

Oh my goodness, well thank YOU! I'm so glad that I helped to motivate someone! :D And I'm excited to see your finished project :)


this is a really cool, concise, beautiful game. i love that affirmative consent is written throughout this game, its something i think that can easily get overlooked and you hit it out of the park. overall, made me feel safe and loved and like kissing the moon because the moon is very good.


Thank you so so much for your comment! I'm so pleased to hear that you played it and that you felt safe doing so! We love the moon!

This game made me smile a lot! I really appreciated the tone; it was very fun, but also ethereal, like the moon. For some reason the phrase "The thinking of the thing is its doing" really stuck out with me. I'm glad that moon-kissing was enabled.

The layout stuff was also very nice and pretty while still being clear and readable.


thank you so much, and thank you for leaving a lovely comment!